Zillennials in Asia - 2023 Guide for Brands To Navigate Consumer Perspectives

Imagine a generation that's grown up in a world where the internet isn't a luxury—it's a given. A generation that sits at the unique crossroads between the nostalgia of Millennials and the digital-first mindset of Gen Z. Meet the Zillennials. Born between 1990 and 2000, these 30 million individuals are more than just a demographic. They're a force to be reckoned with. 

With the financial power to shape the digital landscape, Zillennials aren't just consumers—they're trendsetters. They've forged a unique identity, merging the best of two generations. As they rise to prominence, it's crucial for brands in Asia to understand them. They're set to become a dominant force in the Asia-Pacific demographic by 2025.

Bank of America anticipates that Gen Z's income, encompassing Zillennials, will exceed that of Millennials by 2031. This income is expected to reach a staggering $33 trillion by 2030. Together with Gen Z, they're poised to control a quarter of global income. This shift underscores the need for brands to understand this emerging demographic. Delving into their preferences can unlock vast opportunities for forward-thinking brands.