About Us

Baozun is a leading eCommerce service partner with
technological innovation the heartbeat of all that
we do.


We strive to become the leading global eCommerce brand business partner, driven by innovation and customer needs.


Technology empowers future success.

Core values

  • Interpretation
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Innovation

No. 1 in the industry

According to iResearch GMV, Baozun accounted for
nearly 7.9% of the market share in 2019, ranking first
in China.


2015 listing on NASDAQ and secondary listing on HKEX in 2020.

Technology & Innovation

We constantly seek to advance our eCommerce
technology platforms, from data acquisition to
artificial intelligence.

Go Global, Grow Local

As the top eCommerce growth partner in China, we
have the ability to help local brands to globalise, and
international brands to localise.

One-stop services

Our full-service operation supports all aspects of
eCommerce, from online store set-up to warehouse
logistics and order fulfillment.

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