Charting eCommerce Frontiers in Southeast Asia: A Deep Dive with Baozun Asia's Vice-President, Victor Liu

Southeast Asia, an energetic nexus of cultures and economies, is rapidly writing its success story in the eCommerce realm since the internet economy size across Southeast Asia was forecasted to reach $1 trillion by 2030, as tens of millions more people take up online shopping and embrace food delivery. With a rapidly transforming landscape, Southeast Asia has emerged as the new frontier with its diverse markets, tech-savvy consumers, and burgeoning opportunities. Yet, what does it take to thrive in this dynamic space? 


This month, we interviewed Baozun Asia’s Vice-President, Victor Liu. Victor, a veteran with 15 years of eCommerce expertise. He sheds light on the company's unique adaptive strategies, their tech-driven approach, and visions of an experiential future in digital retail. From understanding the region's consumer behaviours to leveraging AI-driven marketing campaigns, dive into this conversation to discover the heartbeat of digital retail in Southeast Asia.