Becoming Extraordinary While Staying Connected in the eCommerce Industry is Baozun's Long-Term Focus: Interview with Vincent Qiu, CEO of Baozun Inc

"The success of the eCommerce industry relies heavily on the development of outstanding capabilities. Thanks to technological advancements, eCommerce has become a vital business model worldwide. China leads the way with over 40% of the global market share, making it the largest eCommerce market. As the industry progresses, competition has become fiercer and newer trends and innovations continue to emerge. Baozun, a pioneer in this field, is already devising fresh plans and strategies to be well-equipped for what lies ahead."
- Vincent Qiu, CEO of Baozun Inc. 

Continue reading below for the full interview with Vincent as he delves into the changing landscape of the eCommerce industry and the strategic approach Baozun is taking to thrive in this competitive environment.